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A Glimpse Of The Welfare Activities Of Vipra Care During Pandemic Coronavirus

Being one of the leading organizations of the country Vipra Foundation has left no stone unturned in fighting Coronavirus and has responded brilliantly through its Vipra Care Scheme . Comprehensive decisions regarding the welfare of the society, understanding the need of the hour and acting accordingly, compassion, farsightedness, a strong team work, active presence throughout the country, social service rendered towards fellow beings as well as flora and fauna in a disciplined manner has given a foremost identity to the organization.

Distribution of Mask and food or Ration as we may call it hves been ongoing activities of Vipra Care right from the day it was Launched. Every state in the country is doing its bit to fulfill the basic needs of the people under the Vipra Care Scheme. The masks are distributed far and wide including the underprivileged, mass spreaders also the Indian Army, Health Ministry, Police, Administration , Media, Government Hospitals etc Our volunteers have tried to reached every nook and corner of the country to help the destitute. Food and Ration is being distributed on a daily basis . We have been successful in catering to the food needs of more than 150000 individuals in the country.

Seeing the pressing need of medical facility, Vipra Care started the Oxygen Bank initiative whereby donation came flowing in large numbers from across the country. A total number of 142 oxygen banks are being set up in 50 different locations in the country. The seeker of the oxygen concentrator needs to approach the respective team with required medical documents. The Concentrator is then delivered to the seeker without any cost who returns the same once the patient's condition is stable.

In the past two months, Vipra Care has also been successful in getting over 3000 people inoculated free of any charge all over India. Kolkata, Udaipur, Jaipur, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, etc are amongst a few cities where the vaccination camps were being set up.

A large number of blood donation camps are also being organized by Vipra Foundation under the Vipra Care Scheme. Young boys and girls participate enthusiastically as donors and volunteers in such camps.

Apropos the need of trees and plants in what we may call concrete Jungle today, the members of Vipra Care were instrumental in planting medicinal and various other trees in the country. The organization espoused the responsibility of the tree plantation scheme from the world Environment day which is in progress till date .

The motto of vipra care is to spread happiness and good health in the country. Vipra Foundation shall continue to serve the mankind as and when the situation demands. "We are proud of our leaders and workers who are working relentlessly as a team to provide solace and extend a helping hand to those in need " stated Sri Sushil Ojha the Founder Convenor of the Society .He further added that Upliftment and betterment of the society has been the motto of Vipra Foundation and the organization shall continue to tread on these steps.

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